Classroom & One-to-One Teaching

A2 games and activities that can be used in both classroom and One-to-One classes. 



Pile On – A Fluency Activity, is a wonderful activity to practice sentence structure, conjunctions and linking words. It can be used for One-to-One lessons or in a classroom. 

Pouch Of Mysterious Words A fun speaking game. The objective is to create sentences and create a story with the words drawn from the pouch.


Create a New WorldPractice speaking and question forms. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to imagine and think how this colony could be and shape it through conversation.

Speaking and Grammar

The English Tenses –  Review
Long Sentence
Present Simple –  Review
Future Continuous –  Review

What will you be doing …? 

Perfect Point in Time

Next Sunday’s Day Trip!



Battleships – Battleships is a wonderful vocabulary game that you can practice the Alphabet, Numbers and targeted vocabulary with your students.

Pirate Ships – Pirate ships! is an adaptation of the classic game Battleships. Practice the alphabet, Numbers and targeted vocabulary with your students!

Speaking and Grammar

Pirate Ships – Present Simple TenseThe well-known game of Battleships adapted to practice the Present Simple tense.

You are the Teacher! The best way to learn grammar? Teach it! Have your students explain grammar usage to other students by using cheat sheets.

Go Fish! – Irregular Verbs – 3 to 1 Game Deck of Cards. Irregular Verbs Go Fish! is an engaging game to help your students practice the Irregular verbs.

Tenses Practice & Review Card GameA fun game to play with your students to practice and review tenses formation.

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