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Pirate Ships! – Present Simple Tense

Pirate Ships, Present Simple Tense is a great and fun game practice Speaking and Grammar.

Pair work: Speaking and Grammar practice
To practice the Present Simple Tense and
Personal Pronouns.
1. Saying and understanding Personal
2. Vocabulary and expressions
3. Grammar – Present Simple
Make one copy of the worksheet for each student.
Keep a copy for you to demonstrate the activity.
TIME: 30 minutes

Pirate Ships - Present Simple Parrot - English with George

How to play

  1. Tell the class that you are going to play a version of the well-known game Battleships – Pirate Ships – Present Simple Tense.
  2. Put the symbol X in the Pirate Ships grid to form the Pirate ships. Put one X per square.
    Suggestion: 3 X, 4 X and 5X but you can choose how many X per ship.
  3. Now draw a blank Pirate Ships grid on the board and tell the students that there are some Pirate Ships hidden in the grid. Explain that they need to find the squares with the X’s in them.
  4. Tell them to guess squares by forming a Present Simple interrogative sentence,
    e.g. Does he eat ice cream?
    When a student guesses a square with an X in, answer Yes, she does eat ice cream and write it in
    the square. If not, then answer, No, she doesn’t eat ice cream.
    Continue like this until they find all the Pirate ships (X’s).


One-to-One Game

  1. Give one copy of the worksheet to each student and ask them to work in pairs of Captain A and
    Captain B.
  2. Ask each Captain A to write in grid A and each Captain B to grid B. Students must not show their worksheet to their partner during this activity.
  3. When they have written their X’s (Positioned their Pirate Ships) tell the students to take it in turns to make a sentence for a square on their partner’s grid. If there is an Pirate Ship in the grid the partner should say it and they should write it on the corresponding square on their own
    worksheet. That is, Captain A makes a sentence for a square e.g. She eats Ice cream, on grid B and writes their partner’s X on grid B. Captain B makes a sentence for a square on grid A and writes their partner’s X’s on grid A. 

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Pirate Ships! – Present Simple Tense Game

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