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Everything students of English might need to learn and comprehend the English language
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Resources for English Teachers! Are you a school teacher or do you give one-to-one private lessons? In this page you will find amazing resources to assist you!
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In our shop you will find original educational material to use in the classroom or in one-to-one lessons.
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Educational Books
Educational stories written by George to help students learn and understand easier the English language.
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e-Activities Making online classes fun – Part 1 e-Activities, for A2 level students, to make your online classes more engaging! Teaching online can become really

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Free Board Game Template 1
Activities and Games

Board Game Templates

Board Game Templates Free printable board games Free Blank Board Games You Can Print and Play With In No Time Download Board Games Tenses review

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Business English

Gym receptionist – Lesson 2

Gym Receptionist Lesson 2: Answering to questions Find the other lessons here: The Business English series Dialogue – Answering to questions First, read the following

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Our Courses

Online Business Courses - Lessons for Businesses - Personal development and growth

Business English Courses

Choose one of our Online Business English Courses and acquire the skill you need to boost your professional growth.

Online Courses for English pupils - Students reading books

English Courses

Online English courses to help you master the English language. You can choose according to your level the most appropriate lesson for you.



Educational Books

Adventures on the Tenses Mountains book

 Past Present Future

 Adventures in the Grammarian Kingdom Series

Fantasy and grammar combined in a unique way so that English students, through stories, can have a better understanding of the English Tenses. Follow the heroes on their quest to find knowledge. Meet the guardians and their masters and answer the questions. Will you learn the secrets of the Tenses Mountains? It is up to you!

The Towers of Be - Present: Story and activities about the verb to Be

Present: Story and activities about the verb to Be.

The Towers of Be: Present, is the first book of the series. Learn how to use the verb to Be, in the Present Tense, through a story!
Follow the Be family in their towers, and practice with the activities provided.

This book includes:

  • Story
  • Activities
  • Drawing Time!


Write - Read - Listen - Speak 2 - English with George ESL

How to improve your English


Here you can find suggestions on how to improve your English. There are many ways to practice and learn to speak and write fluently in English. 

Learning by Listening

English words are written in a strange way and if you are not native it is almost impossible to enunciate them in English correctly. A simple example is this; a native Spanish speaker when reading the word “hotel” without having ever listened the correct …

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Teacher freaking out and finding an idea because of the No-Prep activities and games article -

No-Prep Filler Activities and Games


Imagine you have the perfect lesson plan designed to the last minute but upon finishing the lesson you find out that you have 10 minutes left and don’t know what to do! Don’t panic. These no-prep filler activities are her to give you some ideas on what to do on the remaining minutes of the lesson.

  1. Shark Tank

Quickly draw stairs on the board, going downward. Shout,

“Ahrrrrrrrrrrrrr, a monster!”

and draw a shark, dragon, or …

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Lesson Plan Template - with logo - English with George

How to Create a lesson plan


What is a lesson plan?

A lesson plan is created so that the teacher can have a clear view of the lesson. How to conduct it, what the goals are and how to achieve them. To create a lesson plan successfully might look daunting at times. Once you have made a couple of plans though and have gained experience you will see that it will become easier and faster to create.

How to make a Lesson Plan

If you don’t know what to include in your lesson plan, don’t panic!

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Original Material

Our Top Picks

Go Fish! – Irregular Verbs based on the classic game of Go Fish.

3 games in 1 deck of cards.

A fun way for students to practice the irregular verbs. Students will match up present tense verbs to their irregular past tense form or past participle form. OR match up past tense verbs to their irregular past participle form.

It includes instructions and 120 cards for play.


  • Basic Conversation Builder for A1 level students to teach social skills.

A great activity for early learners!

Have your students create conversations with the assistance of cards!

  • Question & Answer Basic Conversation Practice
  • Learning to write basic sentences for beginning writers
  • Drawing


Conversations included:

Greetings, My name, My age, My birthday, My brothers and sisters, My best friend, My country, My hometown