Adventures On The Tenses Mountains

 Past – Present – Future

 Adventures in the Grammarian Kingdom Series


Adventures on the Tenses Mountains – Fantasy and grammar combined in a unique way so that English students, through stories, can have a better understanding of the English Tenses.

Follow the heroes on their quest to find knowledge. Meet the guardians and their masters and answer the questions.

Will you learn the secrets of the Tenses Mountains?

It is up to you!

Students will:
  • Understand the usage of the English grammar
  • Practice each grammatical point with exercises
  • Learn and practice new vocabulary
  • Practice their reading comprehension 
  • Practice their writing skills

Further Information:

  • Level: Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate
  • Print length : 65 pages
  • Publication date : December 27, 2020
  • Edition: First
  • Language: : English

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