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Educational Books

Educational stories written by George to help students learn and understand easier the English language.

Adventures in the Grammarian Kingdom Series

Adventures on the Tenses Mountains – Fantasy and grammar combined in a unique way so that English students, through stories, can have a better understanding of the English Tenses.

Follow the heroes on their quest to find knowledge. Meet the guardians and their masters and answer the questions.

Will you learn the secrets of the Tenses Mountains?

It is up to you!

The Grammarian Passport

2nd Edition

Are you a learner of English? Get your Passport and travel all around the Kingdom Of English Grammar!

The Passport:

  • Contains basic information on grammar points for practice and/or to jog one’s memory.
  • For students: Use it individually to aid your English learning experience!
  • For Teachers: Take the role of the Passport Officer of the Kingdom Of English Grammar and use it as a teaching aid for your teaching!

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The Towers of Be Series

The Towers of Be: Present, is the first book of the series. Learn how to use the verb to Be, in the Present Tense, through a story!
Follow the Be family in their towers, and practice with the activities provided.

This book includes:

  • Story
  • Activities
  • Drawing Time!
Book Series The Towers of Be: Present, Past, Future

Other Books

Do you want my advice?
asked the little mouse with a smirk on its face.


What a word!
Have you ever considered what it means?
I hardly doubt it.

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