Grammarian Passport

2nd Edition

 Adventures in the Grammarian Kingdom Series


Are you a learner of English? Get your Passport and travel all around the Kingdom Of English Grammar!

The Passport:

  • Contains basic information on grammar points for practice and/or to jog one’s memory.
  • For students: Use it individually to aid your English learning experience!
  • For Teachers: Take the role of the Passport Officer of the Kingdom Of English Grammar and use it as a teaching aid for your teaching!


Grammar Points Covered:
    • The verb to Be – Formation
    • Present, Past and Future Tenses – Usage and Formation
    • The Conditionals (Zero, First, Second and Third) – Usage and Formation
    • Modal Verbs
    • Phrasal Verbs with Go, Get and Take

Further Information:

  • Level: Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate
  • Print length : 32 pages
  • Publication date : November 2022
  • Edition: Second
  • Language: : English

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