Pirate Ships grid game - English with George

Similar to the well-known game Battleships, but with Pirates. 

How to Play

Classroom/One-to-One Vocabulary Game

Tell the class that you are going to play a version of the well-known game Battleships, but with pirates.

  • Think of a sentence or words you want to revise and write the words the words on a Pirate Ships grid. Put one letter per square and write the words horizontally.  
  • Now draw a blank Pirate Ships grid on the board and tell the students that there are some words hidden in the grid. Explain that they need to find the squares with letters in them. Tell them to guess squares by giving letters and number references, for example A-9 or H-16 etc. When a student guesses a square with a letter in, write it in the square. Continue like this until they find all the words. 


One-to-One Game between Student-Teacher or two students: 

  • Give one copy of the worksheet to each student and ask them to work in pairs of Student A and Student B.      
  • Ask each student A to write in grid A and each student B to grid B. Your instructions will be depending on what vocabulary you need to revise.
  • For example:
    • Write 3 colours /objects in the classroom.
    • Write a greeting and something you say when you first meet someone. 

Students must not show their worksheet to their partner during this activity.    

  • When they have written their sentences/words tell the students to take it in turns to name a square on their partner’s grid. If there is a letter in the grid the partner should say what the letter is and they should write it on the corresponding square on their own worksheet. That is, Student A names a square on grid B and writes their partner’s letters on grid B. Student B names a square on grid A and writes their partner’s letters on grid A.      
  • Students can use their turn to guess the sentence instead of naming a square, but if the guess is not correct, they miss a turn.
Pirate Ships 1 - Vocabulary - English with George

Pirate Ships!

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