Pile On

Pile On – A Fluency Activity,  is a wonderful activity to practice sentence structure, conjunctions and linking words.  It can be used for One-to-One lessons or in a classroom. 

If used in a classroom, ask your students to form small groups and make it like a competition. Which team is going to make the longest sentence?

How to

Start with a basic sentence, something as simple as you can make it.

John was speaking.

Add a word or phrase.

John was speaking to Mary.

Add another phrase.

John was speaking to Mary about Aliens.

Keep piling on words and phrases, one at a time, until you can’t make the sentence any longer.

John was speaking to Mary about Aliens when the Black Dragon named Hyphaistus appeared out of nowhere and threw a huge ball of fire, towards the gigantic, out of control Robot, who was destroying the Tower of London.


If you want to make the activity more fun, try what I like to do:

 I always use colour pens or pencils to show the additions to the sentence.

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Pile On - Fluency Activity - English with George




Pile On

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One-to-One Activity

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