Classroom & One-to-One Teaching

B1 Level – Intermediate games and activities that can be used in both classroom and One-to-One classes. 



Pile On – A Fluency Activity, is a wonderful activity to practice sentence structure, conjunctions and linking words. It can be used for One-to-One lessons or in a classroom. 

Pouch Of Mysterious Words  – A fun speaking game. The objective is to create sentences and create a story with the words drawn from the pouch.



You are the Teacher! – The best way to learn grammar? Teach it! Have your students explain the tenses to other students by using this cheat sheet.

Go Fish! – Irregular Verbs – 3 to 1 Game Deck of Cards. Irregular Verbs Go Fish! is an engaging game to help your students practice the Irregular verbs.

Tenses Practice & Review Card GameA fun game to play with your students to practice and review tenses formation.

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