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You are the Teacher!

Peer teaching

What is the best way to learn grammar? Teach it! Have your students explain grammar usage to other students by using the “You are the teacher” cheat sheets. These exercises are suitable for a classroom or for private tutoring.


How to use You are the Teacher Cheat Sheets

Ask your students to sit in pairs or small groups of 4. Give each pair or group a cheat sheet. Ask them to take turns and explain to their partners the usage and rules of the targeted language and give an example, e.g. The Past Simple Tense.

The aim of these exercises is to help students understand how to use the targeted language by explaining it to someone else out loud. 

Cheat Sheets

English Tenses – A2 Level Cheat Sheet
Free Resource
English Tenses – B1 Level Cheat Sheet
English Tenses – B2 Level Cheat Sheet