No-Prep Filler Activities

Teacher freaking out and finding an idea because of the No-Prep activities and games article -

No-Prep Filler Activities and Games A1 Elementary Students Imagine you have the perfect lesson plan designed to the last minute but upon finishing the lesson you find out that you have 10 minutes left and don’t know what to do! Don’t panic. Tthese no-prep filler activities are her to give you some ideas on what […]

English Tenses Practice & Review Card Game

Practice ans review tenses card game - English with George

Tenses Practice & Review Card Game There are many ways to practice the English tenses. One fun way to do so is with this English tenses practice and review card game. Read how to play the game, the cards and the variations of the game. How To Play Draw a Tense card. Read carefully the […]

You are the Teacher!

You are the Teacher - ESL - English with George

You are the Teacher! Peer teaching What is the best way to learn grammar? Teach it! Have your students explain grammar usage to other students by using the “You are the teacher” cheat sheets. These exercises are suitable for a classroom or for private tutoring.   How to use You are the Teacher Cheat Sheets […]

The End is The Beginning A1/A2 Levels

The End is the beginning Adaptable to A1 – A2 Levels The End Is the Beginning is a fast-paced ESL filler activity with a strong focus on vocabulary within specific English learning topics. For this activity, you’ll need to choose a few topics you’ve already covered in class, or you can pair it with a […]

Pouch of Mysterious Words

Pouch of mysterious words - English with George

Pouch Of Mysterious Words A fun speaking game with Mysterious Words. The objective is to create sentences to create a story with the words drawn from the pouch. It doesn’t matter if the story makes sence. The sentence made must be connected with the previous one. Tell one student to put their hand in the […]

Irregular Verbs Go Fish! Card Game


Irregular Verbs – Go Fish! Card Game You need to teach the Irregular verbs but you don’t know how? Irregular verbs – Go Fish! is here to help. 3 Games in 1 – Two or more players Game 1: Match up the irregular Past tense verbs to the Present formAim: To practice the Past form […]

The Teacher Says

Teacher Says - Cover - English with George

How to Play A1 level: Beginner – The Teacher Says is the same game as Simon Says. A fun and active way to review vocabulary. It’s a perfect game for a family game night too. Starting a command with “The Teacher says” means that the players must obey that command. Commands without the beginning “Simon says” means […]

Pirate Ships – Present Simple A2 level

Pirate Ships grid game - English with George

Pirate Ships! – Present Simple Tense Pirate Ships, Present Simple Tense is a great and fun game practice Speaking and Grammar. ACTIVITY Pair work: Speaking and Grammar practice AIM To practice the Present Simple Tense and Personal Pronouns. FUNCTIONS Revision 1. Saying and understanding Personal Pronouns 2. Vocabulary and expressions 3. Grammar – Present Simple […]

Create a new world A2/B1 levels

Create a new world

Who wouldn’t like to travel to another planet and create a new world. Imagine the adventures and challenges one must face! A fun activity to practice speaking and question forms. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to imagine and think how this colony could be and shape it through conversation. Your mission “You have been […]

Pirate Ships!

Pirate Ships grid game - English with George

Similar to the well-known game Battleships, but with Pirates.  How to Play Classroom/One-to-One Vocabulary Game Tell the class that you are going to play a version of the well-known game Battleships, but with pirates. Think of a sentence or words you want to revise and write the words the words on a Pirate Ships grid. […]