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George’s articles written for English learners and teachers. As an English teacher, you can find explanations about the activities and games you can use in your lessons and information on how to develop your teaching abilities. English learners can find information and tips on how to improve their language skills.

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You are the Teacher - ESL - English with George
Activities and Games

You are the Teacher!

You are the Teacher! Peer teaching What is the best way to learn grammar? Teach it! Have your students explain grammar usage to other students

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The End is The Beginning

The End is the beginning The End Is the Beginning is a fast-paced ESL filler activity with a strong focus on vocabulary within specific English

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Who-stole-the-Ruby-A-Pirate-Story - English with George
A2 Level - Elementary

Who stole the Ruby?

Who Stole The Ruby? Who stole the ruby? A Pirate story – A fun card game to practice Past and Present tenses interrogative forms and

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John's day B1 level Reading Comprehension - John's day is about the life of a homeless man living in Barcelona. Homelessness is a huge problem that needs a solution
B2 Level - Upper-Intermediate

Homelessness – ESL Conversation

ESL Conversation – Homelessness B1 and B2 Level Speaking Homelessness is one of the biggest problems that the human race faces. Here are 20 questions

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