Jenny the nurse

Jenny is a nurse. She’s tall, thin with long hair. She works at the hospital and looks after sick people.

She gets up at six o’clock in the morning and after she feeds her cat Mila she takes a shower and puts on her clothes. Then she eats breakfast at half past six. At seven o’clock, she drives her car to the hospital.

Jenny starts work at eight o’clock. She cleans the rooms in the hospital. Then, she helps the doctors. At twelve o’clock, she has lunch. She goes home at five o’clock. Mila, her cat is very happy to see her

At home

When at home, she takes a shower and she cooks dinner. She has dinner at half past six in the evening. Then, she watches TV with Mila on her lap. At ten o’clock, she goes to bed.

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Answer the questions. Then click the + symbol next to each question to see the correct answer. 

Her name is Jenny.

She is a nurse

She works at the hospital

No, she isn’t. She is thin.

No, she lives with her cat Mila.

Yes, she can drive a car.

No, she doesn’t. She has breakfast at half past six (06:30)

No, she doesn’t. She cooks dinner at home.

She has lunch at twelve o’clock (12:00)

She has dinner at half past six (18:30) in the evening.

She goes to bed at ten o’clock (22:00)


Mary the nurse

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