John’s Day

B1 Level Reading Comprehension

John woke up because of the cold, which was exceptional this morning. He got up and checked his little possessions he has. “Good. Everything is over here.” he thought to himself.

John is a 45 year-old man living in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. He has no house, no job and he usually sleeps on a bench or a small corner he has found in the park. When he wakes up he looks for his dog, Max, his best friend. They play a little bit in the park. ¨Thank God I have Max.¨ Then they both go to the shelter and ask for food. After eating a small dish of food he goes to the unemployment agency.

There is an unemployment agency that John visits every day and tries to find a job, but because of his age and homelessness employers don’t give him a job. He sometimes manages to get a small daily job that doesn´t pay much, but at least he can buy Max some food to feed him or some clothes. Usually he ends up in one of the busiest streets of Barcelona begging for money.

People are not as good as they pretend to be. Most of them pass by him trying to ignore the fact that he is over there. Some of them try to pass as far as they can or try not to breath because they are afraid they might catch a disease. John tries not to be bothered by people´s reaction around him, but it is not always easy. After all he is human too.

He sometimes goes by a bakery and the baker who knows him gives him a croissant or a bagel mostly out of pity, rather than his good heart.

In the evening John takes Max to the park and they play chase.

This is perhaps one of the best parts of John’s day.

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Does John have a lot of possessions? Why? Why not?

Who is John´s best friend?

Why can´t John find a job?

Are people nice to John? Why? Why not?

What do you do when you see a beggar on the street?

Is the baker a good man? Why? Why not?

Are there homeless people in your country? If yes, what do you do to help them?

John's day B1 level Reading Comprehension - John's day is about the life of a homeless man living in Barcelona. Homelessness is a huge problem that needs a solution

John’s Day

B1 Level Reading Comprehension about a homeless man named John.

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