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Questions about your hometown

Hometown – B1 Level ESL

23 questions to discuss with your teacher or partner about your hometown.

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  1. What is the name of your hometown?
  2. Where is it situated? (country, province)
  3. Where in the country is your town located? (coast/inland)
  4. How far is it from the capital of your country?
  5. Where does its name come from?
  6. How big is your hometown?
  7. Is it a cheap or an expensive place to stay? – Are rents high or low?
  8. Is it easy to let a flat?
  9. Is it a tourist destination?
  10. Name some of the neighboring towns.
  11. Is there a river in your town? What’s its name? Is it big? Is it navigable?
  12. What are the main sights in your town? Talk about:
    • churches (how old? what style?)
    • museums (what kind?)
    • theatres
    • bridges (how old?)
    • historic buildings
    • parks
  13. What are the main economic activities in your town?
  14. What is the public transport like?
  15. Where can you go shopping?
  16. What entertainment options are there?
  17. Are there any good restaurants? Do they serve local or international cuisine? Which is your favourite?
  18. Are there any festivals in your town? Are there any fairs and expositions?
  19. Is there a sports centre? Does your town have a sports team?
  20. Do you know any famous people who live (or lived) in your town?
  21. What is your favourite place?
  22. What do you like most about your hometown?
  23. What do you dislike?


My Hometown – B1 Level ESL

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Assignment Suggestion:

Write an essay about your hometown

Based on the text and questions above, describe your hometown and write what you like and dislike about it.

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