Helping People – ESL Conversation

B2 – C1 Level

Helping People. Below you will find four stories. Read the stories and then decide how you are going to help each one of them.

Story 1.

Mary is 21 years old from a small town. She is a professional Sprinter. Mary is close to have her dream come true by competing in the Olympic Games and represent her country. Unfortunately one day she had an accident and has no money to do the operation she needs. If she can’t raise the money for the operation, she will spend the rest of her life on a wheelchair. 

Story 2.

A family of seven people, Natalia and Pedro, (parents), Jacob (12), Kate (15), Fiona (2), John (14) and Astride (10) have recently lost their house on a fire. The kids won’t be able to go to school since their education is very expensive and the only income they have is from their father’s job. They need a lot of money to raise so they can stand on their feet again.

Story 3

Harry (12) and Ginny (21) are brother and sister who lost their parents in a plane accident. Ginny is 21 so she can legally take care of her brother but she doesn’t have a job and a place for them to stay. They have nobody to help them. They will have to be separated into two different families unless she finds enough money to provide for them both.

Story 4

Mr. Wilson (52), is one of the most favorite and beloved professors at the University of California. He has done a lot of scientific research and has been helping his students all his life. He has been diagnosed with a serious heart disease that made him unable to teach anymore. Because he is all alone, his students want to raise money for his expensive treatment so he can come back to the University.

Imagine you can help only one of them. Which person you are going to help?

  • Who are you going to help and why?
  • What kind of event would you organize? (For example a school play, a football game, a concert, etc.)
  • Where and when is it going to take place?
  • How would you attract people? (Advertising your event, interesting activities, etc. )
  • Who would attend an event? (Students, their parents, teachers, anyone, etc.)
  • How would you earn profit? (Sell tickets, charitable donations, selling something etc.)

Useful Expressions

  • I believe a good idea would be … because
  • I think that would work well.
  • People are/aren’t interested in …
  • Organising a … would be more successful/a better idea.
  • In my opinion …
  • The main goal of … is to …

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