Educational Book Series

English Grammar Stories

Imagination and grammar come together and create a series of books for your entertainment and learning.

Read the stories and meet the heroes and heroines, and through context, understand the usage of each grammatical point. Monks, Dragons, Warriors and Mythical Creatures await your answers! Be aware though.. You will have fun by doing the activities provided..

Learning can be fun, intimidating, easy, hard, silly, and crazy! – Take your Passport and follow the map of the Grammarian Kingdom and make learning an adventure!

It’s up to you!

Books Of The Series

Adventures On The Tenses Mountains

Fantasy and grammar combined in a unique way so that English students, through stories, can have a better understanding of the English tenses.

Follow the heroes on their quest to find knowledge. Meet the guardians and their Masters and answer their questions.
Will you learn the secrets of the tenses mountains?

It is up to you.

The Grammarian Passport

2nd Edition

Are you a learner of English? Get your Passport and travel all around the Kingdom Of English Grammar!

The Passport:

  • Contains basic information on grammar points for practice and/or to jog one’s memory.
  • For students: Use it individually to aid your English learning experience!
  • For Teachers: Take the role of the Passport Officer of the Kingdom Of English Grammar and use it as a teaching aid for your teaching!


* This passport is not real and cannot be used for travelling purposes.

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