Time Travel ESL Speaking Questions

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Time Travel ESL Speaking Questions B1 and B2 Level Speaking – Time Travel ESL Speaking Have you seen any time traveling movies? Suggestions: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time – Anime, Back to the future, Edge of tomorrow, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Do you think that people will achieve time travel in the future? […]

My Hometown – B1 Level ESL Speaking

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ESL Conversation Questions about your hometown Hometown – B1 Level ESL 23 questions to discuss with your teacher or partner about your hometown. What is the name of your hometown? Where is it situated? (country, province) Where in the country is your town located? (coast/inland) How far is it from the capital of your country? […]

My Hometown – B1 Level ESL Reading

My-hometown ESL Reading Comprehension and Speaking Practice questions

ESL Reading Comprehension My hometown ESL reading comprehension. A reading comprehension text and conversation about Jane’s hometown. My hometown My name is Jane. I am 23 years old and I live in a small town called Snow Owl. It took its name from the fact that there are a lot of snow owls on the […]