ESL Projects

Here you can find all the ESL Projects you can create for or with your students.

All About Me! Lapbook

Lapbook - All about me - English with George

To complete this project, students:

• Write informative text about their dream of what they will be when they grow up, their house, family and friends
• Draw pictures.

• Cut and glue cards and write the names of their family members

• Write small sentences on cards with facts about themselves.

Great material to be used for homeschooling and first to third grade. Could easily be adapted for use in lower grades, or with less able writers.

Social Skills – Basic Conversation Builder

Basic Conversation Structure - English with George

A great activity for early learners! Use in an interactive notebook or learning centre.

Have your students create conversations with the assistance of cards!

  • Question & Answer Basic Conversation Practice
  • Learning to write basic sentences for beginning writers
  • Drawing

Basic Conversations included:

Greetings, My name, My age, My birthday, My brothers and sisters, My best friend, My country, My hometown

How to Create

Basic Conversation Builder

Purchase Basic Conversation Builder (pdf)