Activities and Games

e-Lesson Activities and Games to make your classes more active! Online lessons can become really boring, since you must sit on a chair in front of a computer to have them. Speaking is the main interaction students and teachers have. But that does not mean you cannot make the lesson more active and fun!. 

Try the following activities and games and your students will adore you.

Can you Guess What I See? – 15 Questions

Can you guess what I see, is a fun active game to play with your online students.

  1. Ask your student/s to have a look around them. They must choose an object and describe it. 
  2. You must try to guess the object from the description. – You have 3 or 5 guesses (Depends on the level of your students)
    1. If you guess the object correctly, then your student has to do an action. e.g. Jump 3 times, Fly, Run etc.
    2. If you don’t guess the object correctly, then you have to do the action.
    3. If the Object described is in your surroundings too, then you must both do the action.

Then it is your turn. 


Student: It is made out of wood and you can sit on it.

Teacher: Is it a chair? (1st Guess)

Student: No. It is like a chair but it has no back.

Teacher: A stool. (2nd Guess)

Student: Yes!

Now your student has to get up from his/her chair and do an action.

Then it is your turn to describe an object.

Tell me five things that:

  • are Blue
  • are Red
  • are Round
  • are made out of wood
  • are Wild animals
  • are Useful
  • are made out of plastic
  • can be listened to


We have 10 seconds to answer the question. If not, then you have to do an action. (The player must decide the action.)

Five things you can do with:

  • A hammer
  • A bicycle
  • PS4
  • PC
  • An umbrella

Expressions to use:

  • You can … with it
  • You could use it as … to …


Take turns saying something about the object. Each player will get 1 point for every answer The one that has the least points has to do an action.

Aaaaand Boom!

A fun activity that is mostly made so that students get excited about the lesson and practice some speaking. Accuracy is not the objective of this activity. 

How to play

Begin a story. While saying the story you can pause by shouting “aaand boom”  and do a gesture with your hand in front of the camera at your opponent. Your opponent has to hide so you do not “get” him. If you get him, he has to continue the story. If not then you have to continue.

The story can be about:

  • A rescue mission
  • Fighting dragons
  • Space exploration
  • Or whatever you or your student wants

It would be best to prepare a story before the lesson begins.


  1. You cannot “aaaand boom” the other person after two words. You must have formed at least a sentence.
  2. You cannot “aaaand boom” straight away once you get “aaaand boomed”


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