Create your CV and Cover Letter and Ace the interview

Types of Keywords for Resumes

  1. Industry-Specific Skills – Bookkeeping, product launch, proposal writing
  2. Soft Skills – Problem solving, communication, sales, team management
  3. Hardware and Software Used for the Job – Dreamweaver, SQL, VOIP
  4. Job Titles – UX Designer, Business Development Manager, Full stack Developer
  5. Training and Certification – Six Sigma, Project Management, ITIL
  6. Education – MBA, PhD, BS
  7. Industry Terms – Asset management, A/B Editing, digital video editing workflow
  8. Impressive Terms – Fortune 500, top salesman
  9. Company Names – Big name companies are sometimes used when finding applicants for top positions
  10. Locations – Zip codes, city or state names used to narrow down searches to a geographic location

How to analyze the job advertisements

If it is for a specific role:

  1. Read the ad
  2. Highlight the keywords
  3. List all the keywords (use the CV Research Info template to write down the keywords)


If you have multiple ads for similar roles:

  1. Read each ad
  2. Highlight the keywords
  3. List all the keywords
  4. Pick the keywords that are common


Important Tip:

The skills and experience mentioned in the first paragraph are usually the most important.

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