Pouch Of Mysterious Words

A fun speaking game. The objective is to create sentences to create a story with the words drawn from the pouch. It doesn’t matter if the story makes sence. The sentence made must be connected with the previous one.

Tell one student to put their hand in the bag and take out a card and continue the story including the word in a short sentence.
Then another student, then another and so on.

This activity does not focus on accuracy but fluency therefore it must be played quite quickly.
It can last as long as you want (all lesson or it can be a timed activity and students must start and finish a story within a certain time)
According to students’ level you may want to pre-teach some vocabulary (verbs, connectors, nouns)
It can be fun to record the stories and use them to get students correct their mistakes.

Pouch of mysterious words 2 - English with George

Pouch Of Mysterious Words

Fluency Game

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