ESL Reading Comprehension

My hometown ESL reading comprehension. A reading comprehension text and conversation about Jane’s hometown.

My hometown

My name is Jane. I am 23 years old and I live in a small town called Snow Owl. It took its name from the fact that there are a lot of snow owls on the mountain and forest.

The town is located on the northern part of the country, established on the base of Sky Mountain and surrounded by the Dark Forest. Even though the name sounds scary, it is actually very beautiful and nice. The name comes from the appearance of the forest, where the trees are so close together the sunlight cannot come through. A wonderful river comes down from the mountain and passes through the town, splitting it into two. If you ever visit my hometown, beware of the wolves; Especially if you are in the part that is near the mountain.

For most of the year, the town is covered in snow. Not many people know about its existence and I am really thankful for that. I appreciate the fact that it is calm and quiet.  

Here people are really kind and care about each other. We always try to find ways to help each other. On the downside everybody knows everything about everybody. If you want to hide, it is extremely difficult.

The town itself doesn’t have a lot of sights to visit. A big historic library from the 1800’s, still functional, is standing in the middle of the village, next to the Town Hall. There are also two bridges that connect the town. The one on the south is the oldest and most beautiful. I sometimes go and sit by the river just to admire it.

For entertainment we have the old theatre, some coffee shops and restaurants. Younger people prefer to visit neighboring towns and cities since it gives them more choices of entertainment.

My hometown is one of the greatest in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Reading Comprehension Questions

The name of the town is Snow Owl.

It is called Snow Owl because there are a lot of owls living on the mountain.

The town is next to Sky Mountain and surrounded by the Dark forest. A river comes from the mountain and divides the town into two.

Because of its appearance. There are a lot of parts of the forest that are very dark.

She is thankful because not a lot of people know her town.

She describes them as kind and helpful.

That everybody knows everybody and iy is no easy to have privacy.

The old library from the 1800’s.

There is a theatre, some coffe shops and restaurants.

Yes and no. Mostly young people prefer to find different kinds of entertainment to neighbouring towns and cities.

Yes, she does. She thinks that it is the greatest place to live in the world.

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Assignment Suggestion:

Write an essay about your hometown

Based on the text and questions above, describe your hometown and write what you like and dislike about it.

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