Create your CV and Cover Letter and Ace the interview

Free Course

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create a unique CV
  • How to find information about your future employer
  • How to find keywords in the advertisement
  • How to write a Cover Letter
  • How to answer the most common interview questions
  • How to prepare yourself for the interview and what to avoid
  • Find tips on how to effectively communicate in English

Course Structure and Resources

  1. Videos: Click the links below to take the course on YouTube.
  2. Supplementary Documents: Below some videos there are supplementary documents which are  needed in order to complete the course.
  3. Reminder: read the articles provided in the course.
  4. Assignments: Assignments are optional and the answers are provided.

Chapter 1

CV Creation

1. Video: Introduction to the course

2. Video: Step 1 – Gathering Information

Supplementary Document Step 1: Gathering Information Download

3. Video: Step 2 – Keywords and Company Information

Supplementary Document Step 2: Keywords and Document information Download

4. Video: Step 3 – Skills

Supplementary Documents step 3: CV Templates

Download 1

Download 2

5. Article: Types of Keywords for Resumes and How to analyze job advertisements

6. Optional Assignment: Find the keywords

7. Video: Step 4 – Adding your information

8. Video: Step 5 – Personal Statement

Chapter 1: CV Creation

Chapter 2

Cover Letter

1. Video: Introduction to Cover Letters

2. Video: Research

3. Video: Header, Salutation and Opening

4. Video: Middle paragraphs and Closing

Supplementary Document: How to match your qualifications to a job Download

5. Video: Notes on examples

Supplementary Document: Good and Bad Examples of Cover Letters Download

Chapter 2: Cover Letters

Chapter 3

Job Interview

1. Video: Before the job interview

2. Video: What to Avoid

3. Video: Interview Common Questions Parts 1 and 2

Supplementary Document for Videos 3 to 5: Common Interview Questions Download

4. Video: Interview Common Questions Part 3

5. Video: Interview Common Questions Part 4

6. Video: Effective Communication in English

End of course

Chapter 3: Job Interview

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