Fake News and the Media Discussion

fake news esl C1 level conversation

Fake News and the Media C1 Level Speaking questions on Fake news and the media. What is the main purpose of a news company? Do you believe that the main purpose of a news company is to inform people or to monetize news? What is fake news? Do you believe what you hear on the […]

You are the Teacher!

You are the Teacher - ESL - English with George

You are the Teacher! Peer teaching What is the best way to learn grammar? Teach it! Have your students explain grammar usage to other students by using the “You are the teacher” cheat sheets. These exercises are suitable for a classroom or for private tutoring.   How to use You are the Teacher Cheat Sheets […]

Pouch of Mysterious Words

Pouch of mysterious words - English with George

Pouch Of Mysterious Words A fun speaking game with Mysterious Words. The objective is to create sentences to create a story with the words drawn from the pouch. It doesn’t matter if the story makes sence. The sentence made must be connected with the previous one. Tell one student to put their hand in the […]